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Rad-Flame   Fireplaces

Rad-Flame Fireplaces

Nero Fire Design is proud to introduce you to a brand new company, Rad-Flame, specialist in Water Vapor Fireplaces. They are showcasing the most beautiful water vapor fireplaces flame currently on the market! From Natural orange color to fun colors, Rad-Flame offers 2 types of products to his customers depending of their project. The burners come in 6 sizes from 20" to 120" long a allowed you of total liberty of design. The fireplaces (burners+firebox) from 30" to 130"long offers you a product ready to install. Rad-Flame combine all the features you are looking for: Eco-Friendly, most stunning flame, high reliability, strongly build and very easy to install, you have all the best in one!

As official and exclusive retailer of Rad-Flame fireplaces, see below the products we can offer you, for more information or to place an order, contact us by email and we will will be happy to help you.


RF.20 Water vapor burner | 50 cm – 20 in

RF.40 Water vapor burner | 100 cm – 40 in

RF.60 Water vapor burner | 150 cm – 60 in

RF.80 Water vapor burner | 200 cm – 80 in

RF.100 Water vapor burner | 250 cm – 100 in

RF.110 Water vapor burner | 280 cm – 110 in


B.30 Water vapor fireplace | 76 cm – 30 in

B.50 Water vapor fireplace | 130 cm – 50 in

B.70 Water vapor fireplace | 180 cm – 70 in

B.90 Water vapor fireplace | 230 cm – 90 in

B.110 Water vapor fireplace | 280 cm – 110 in

B.130 Water vapor fireplace | 330 cm – 130 in

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