CREAX Fireplaces


  • Water Vapor Technology
  • Over 100 models
  • No chimney
  • No heat
  • No glass
  • No clearance at all
  • Autofill or reservoir
  • 100% safe
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Suitable for anywhere
  • From 40" to 12' long
  • Above 12' long on request
  • 16" deep for all models
  • Starting price $ 4995
  • Manual on request
  • Shipping across North America


CREAX Fireplaces

This contemporary and elegant line of Fireplaces are specially designed for the Water Vapor cassettes Opti-Myst Dimplex (CDFI500P and CDFI1000P). From the small and versatile to the extra larger linear models, the CREAX Fireplaces are available in different configurations and sizes using single or multiple burners.

One of the best advantage of our Fireplaces is that there is no limit to your imagination. You can create the most incredible Linear Fireplace. The Result will be like amazing but unlike the Gas Fireplace, you will be able to enjoy your fireplace as much as you want. A lot of people don't know that they won't be able to use their Gas Fireplace in the most case more than 1 hour due to the high efficiency and amount of heat they provide. With this Revolutionary Technology, you will be able to enjoy your Fireplace all year long.

Whether you need to fill a large space or small, in a house, office, condo, restaurant, bar, hotel or wherever, the different models of Nero Fire Design can meet your needs. 

Front facing, see-through, corner, bay and peninsula, Creax Fireplaces are ready to install and don't require any venting or chimney. No annoying technical aspects to deal with. It takes less than 5 minutes to have the fireplace working. No matter you want a TV above, a solid wood wall, a vertical garden (green wall), fabric, leather or whatever, with Creax Fireplaces, you can have the most original fireplace setup in all safety.

The endless design flexibility and installation provide freedom to interior designers, architects, builders, landscapers and homeowners.


Creax Fireplaces assure your residential or commercial project to have a fascinating and captivating focal point at the height of your expectations.


High quality semi gloss finish to enhance the beauty of the flame

More than 20 sizes available in differents configurations

3 minutes easy installation to get the fireplace running

Seamless firebox without visible screws, slots, vents like you will find with any others fireplaces in the Industry

Higher and denser flame than the competition

pic FF shema.png
Creax Front Facing Fireplace before being enclosed