We are a fireplaces manufacturer specialized in Water Vapor Fireplaces. We are located in Torrance, California and covering the United States and Canada. With over than 20 years of experience on the hearth industry and passionate by innovation and design, we are always eager to offer to our customer the best quality and innovative products on the market.

With a high interest about new technology and innovation, it's naturally we chose to focus on the  revolutionary Water Vapor technology. 100% safe, no emissions, easy to install, endless possibilities and more... In this goal, our experimented team of designers and engineers has developed the CREAX Collection. We believe that it's the best alternative for those who can't have a Gas Fireplace or who wants to have a beautiful fireplace without overheating the room and be worry about safety.

Our experience, professionalism, passion and our excellent customer service made us the most reputable Water Vapor Fireplace Expert. We are glad to be the first North America reference in the industry. The Water Vapor Fireplaces has no secret for us!

We do delivery in the Greater Los Angeles and we ship across USA and CANADA.

CREAX Collection

This contemporary and elegant line of Fireplaces are specially designed for the Water Vapor cassettes Opti-Myst Dimplex (CDFI500P and CDFI1000P). From the small and versatile to the extra larger linear models, the CREAX Fireplaces are available in different configurations and sizes using single or multiple burners.

One of the best advantage of our Fireplaces is that there is no limit to your imagination. You can create the most incredible Linear Fireplace. The Result will be like amazing but unlike the Gas Fireplace, you will be able to enjoy your fireplace as much as you want. A lot of people don't know that they won't be able to use their Gas Fireplace in the most case more than 1 hour due to the high efficiency and amount of heat they provide. With this Revolutionary Technology, you will be able to enjoy your Fireplace all year long.

Whether you need to fill a large space or small, in a house, office, condo, restaurant, bar, hotel or wherever, the different models of Nero Fire Design can meet your needs. 

CUSTOM Projects

Occasionally, we accept specifics Custom Projects. 

With over 20 years of experience in the Fireplaces Industry, in France and North America, plus a real passion for the design and architecture, we will be please to design your project and help you to make your dream comes true. Every project is a new challenge and we will find the perfect balance between your expectations, your wishes and the technical aspect. Also, if you have already your design in mind, we can work from that and make it reality. We provide different design ideas and work close to you to be sure you will have the best Fireplace for you! With OUR expertise and advice, YOU will have your dreaming fireplace.

For our Custom projects, we have 2 water vapor burners technologies available to offer even more choice to our customers. Contact us for more details. 

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